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History Repeated by Democracy II – Resetting History


During the second period of stay I brought up the topic of how history had been repeated due to democracy. I did so because the date of the final presentation was March 11th, 2013. On that same day in 2011, a part of Japanese history was reset, and many things were planned and valued anew from March 12th. And then in the 2012 lower-house election, Shinzo Abe was elected prime minister once again. Five years ago in 2007, when he was prime minister, March 11th had been just an ordinary day.

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Democracy had let history repeat itself


During our short stay in Tokyo, we visited the Japanese parliament, the Yasukuni Shrine and the Imperial Palace. And by coincidence, we could also see the Japanese election. Below, I have listed the slogans of each party and the number of seats in parliament, they achieved.

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Chia-En Jao

Born in Taiwan in 1976. After having obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts he went to France in 2001 to continue his studies at the École Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Paris, where he gained a diploma in Plastic Arts. From 2005 to 2007, he additionally studied at Goldsmiths College in London and finished his studies with a master’s degree in Fine Arts.

One of his most recent works, “REM Sleep”, depicts the dreams of foreign labourers residing in Taiwan. For this work he won the 10th Taishin Award for Visual Arts in 2011. Jao is continuously questioning the topic of Taiwanese identity from various perspectives.

His recent exhibitions include: “Republic without People” (Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, 2011), “Thaïndophiliviet” (The Cube Project Space, Taipei, 2011), “Arte da Taiwan“ (Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce, Genova, Italy, 2011), and more. In 2012, he has participated in the Taiwan Biennale as well as the Asia Pacific Biennale (Brisbane, Australia).

Furthermore, he has previously been a resident artist at the Asian Cultural Council in New York (2012), the Council for Cultural Affairs Taiwan – Cité des Arts (Paris) in 2010 and the Taipei Artist Village in 2009, among others.