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Wen Yuju

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1980 of Taiwanese parents. Lives in Tokyo since 3 years old, when her father took a new post in Tokyo. Received the honorable mention in 33th Subaru Prize for Literature for Ko Kyo Ko Raika in 2009.
Well aware of being a Taiwan-national writing in Japanese, she has always been searching for a standpoint between two nations -nationality (Taiwan) and national language (Japanese)- and the relationship between words and identity through her work. Often participates in public reading sessions to read her own text in Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese as a means of expression. Her recent novel is called Raifuku-no-ie.
She has been writing serial essays titled “In search of my lost ‘mother tongue’” on Hakusui website since 2011. The essays are about language and words, based on her experience.
She participated in “Tokyo Heterotopias”, a project created by Akira Takayama of Port B in FESTIVAL/TOKYO13 (2013) as a writer, together with Seiji Ono and Yusuke Kimura, under the supervision of Kenjiro Suga.
In 2014, she started a duo called “ponto” with the musician Kojima Keitaney Love. They have been collaborating and performing music and recitation in various schools, museums and bookstores such as “SUNNY BOY BOOKS” at Gakugei-Daigaku in Tokyo.