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Understanding/Thinking through Encounters


I am very glad that I could participate in r:ead for two weeks in March 2013. I am always busy with preparing exhibitions so this was a rare opportunity for me. The small but precise and deliberate residency created – more than other residencies I knew of – the opportunity for an “encounter” that sticks in the memory, and for exchange in a true sense. Speaking from my ten years’ experience as a curator of contemporary art, there are many opportunities to get to know artists or other curators, but places where you can engage in exchange on a high level are less than you would think. This is even more due to the fact that our work becomes more and more stereotypical.

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Amy Cheng

Independent curator and art critic Amy Cheng lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Cheng has curated numerous exhibitions, including: Traversing the Fantasy (2010) and Re-envisioning Society (2011-2013) at Taipei’s TheCube Project Space, The Heard and The Unheard─Soundscape Taiwan, Taiwan Pavilion at the 54th International Art Exhibition: Melancholy in Progress – La Biennale di Venezia (2011), Unhomely: Tales of An Island at Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester and The 3rd Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition: Melancholy in Progress at Hong-Gah Museum of Taipei (2012) .

With music and cultural critic Jeph Lo, she founded Taipei’s TheCube Project Space in 2010, which aims to explore local culture, establish long-term relationships with artists, and promote contemporary art exchanges between Taiwan and the international community.