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(简体字) 「如何将逝去的过往留驻他者心中」


(简体字) 我能够获得机会参加这次「r:ead #3」活动,是托小说家温又柔女士之福。我与温女士相识,算算也不过是一年半前的事情而已。

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Keiko Okawa

Born in 1978. Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts in 2003.
Her earlier works consist of “Apartment Takanami”(2004-2006), a film about young Indonesian men working in chemical factories in Ibaraki, Japan and “LOOK AT THIS PEOPLE” (2006-2011), a film on her journey in Beijing, Hong Kong and Yunnan Province with a photographer from Hong Kong, living and working in Japan.
Graduated from Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2009.
Participated in the film production of “Yuki & Nina” by Atsuhiko Suwa, an official selection of Festival de Cannes Directors’ Week, as an assistant editor. Also participated in the “Brune Bronde” Exhibition in Cinémathèque Française as an editor of the film “Black Hair” by the same director in 2011.
Recently, she has been going round to show the film that she completed in December 2013, “Homeland in the Borderland”, with the novel writer Yuju Wen, who appears in the film. During the journey, the two are elaborating a plan on topics such as “place and memory” and “someone’s emotions that use to be there” from the comments they get from the audience.