Zheng Bo


Rediscovering Internationalism


The reason I was able to participate in r:ead#3, which focuses on “nomad people” this year, was one of my works finished in Hong Kong, 2013: “Ambedkar – Sing For Her,” which can be tracked back to my experiences from another residency project of “West Heavens” in Dehli, India. From Beijing to Dehli, then to Hong Kong, when to Tainan, it was truly a wonderful journey that I could never expect.

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Zheng, Bo

1999 Graduated from the department of Computer Science and Fine Arts of Amherst college, USA.
2005 Obtained his M.F.A from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and also earned Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards.
2007 Received the master degree of Art History, Northwestern University, USA
2008 Won SIGNATURE Art Prize(Juror’s choice), Singapore
2010 Assistant Professor , School of Intermedia Arts, China Academy of Art
2012 Obtained his Ph.D. in Visual & Cultural Studies from the University of Rochester, USA
2013-present Assistant Professor, teaches at School of Creative Media, Hong Kong
During recent years, he participated some exhibition:”West Bund Biennale”、”The 8th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale”…etc.