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Cheung Clara (C&G)
Hong Kong, China

Graduated at Rhodes College (TN, USA) with double majors in Fine Art and Computer Science in 2002, Clara Cheung then received her master degree of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong in 2007. Being the founder of C&G Artpartment, she is currently an active member of non-profit art groups: Project226, and Art Together, and a part-time lecturer at different local universities. She has curated many art exhibitions at C&G Artpartment and other venues, in response to local social issues. Besides, she has organized various art education programs for different organizations and schools. Performance art is an art medium she likes to explore recently and many of her artworks obtain inspiration from her daughters’ toys and science books.


C&G (Clara & Gum) are two Hong Kong artists who have founded the art space: C&G Artpartment in Hong Kong, China, in 2007. With a strong concern over the local art ecology, C&G use their art to respond to social and cultural issues. Also, they help develop new flavors in the local art scene, and provide art education programs for the public in their art space. Their essential goal is to fill up the crack in the current art scene, and allow C&G Artpartment becomes an art space for idea exchanges.

In the past 7 years, C&G Artpartment has curated more than 30 art exhibitions that included more than 70 local artists to respond to the social and cultural issues in Hong Kong, including “Back To The Basic,” “0771,” “To Tsang, C.E.”, “The Preview of New West Kowloon Exhibition Venue,” “Sick Leave,” “To Tsang, C.E. 2,” “West Kowloon Cultural Revolution District,” “6,000” and the “Primitive Contemporary” art exhibition series etc. All these exhibits successfully attracted the local media and. many visitors. C&G Artpartment has hosted monthly ‘Under The Bed’ screening and sharing sessions since 2013 December, in order to faciliate more spontaneous disucssion amongst local artists and art lovers. Recently, they have also hosted and participated in various exchange projects to initiate more cultural and artistic dialogues amongst artists from Hong Kong, Poland, India, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, China, New York, Melbourne, Venice etc.

Besides building their own art space, C&G often present art projects in pair, as an art duo. For example, they have a series of performance pieces during the July 1st rally in Hong Kong every year since 2004. In 2014, C&G was the artist-in-residency at Asia Art Arhieve and hosted ‘Not as Trivial as You Think: Hong Kong Art Quiz,’ in May 2014, in which many local artists participated to recall important but often forgotten stories from the past in Hong Kong art scene.CandG-Artpartment.com