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One buries wrinkles and unearths memories


(简体字)  接到r:ead 3 的参与提案之后不久,我们就有了前往日本进行研究的机会。事实上,日本并不是我们的最终目的地。我们研究的最终场所,也许会是雅加达、万隆或是那周围的岛屿中之一。仔细想想,也无法正确地回忆起我们当初为什么开始这个研究的理由。「因为好奇」或许是最诚实的回答吧。没错,我非常好奇。六十年前,现代化开始之前,加上战火交加的情况下,他们在哪里、遭遇了什么,更是让我求知若渴。

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Mixrice is a group of two artists Cho Jieun and Yang Chulmo. They search for traces, process, path, results and memory that are created in the result of globalization and migration.
Their recent work combines their research on the migration and evolution of natural plants with unexpected consequences and context that occurred in the flow of migration, especially during the colonization period. They use photography, film and cartoon to express the outcome.
Their works often suggest moments of absence that exist in between past and future, in flat space created by inscrutable development of systems and in an individual that belongs to nowhere. As artists and sometimes as producers/organizers, their diverse ways of expression –workshop, cartoon, film, photography, painting, drawing, design, text- allow them to take action in various ways.
Recent exhibitions include: “NNNCL&mixrice”(2013 Atelier Hermes, Seoul), “APT7_Asia Pacific Triennale” (2012, GOMA Gallery, Brisbane), “The Antagonistic Link” (2009, Casco, Utrecht), “Parabolic Antenna” (2008, alternative Space pool, Seoul), ”Activating Korea: Tides of Collective Action” (2007, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Plymouth), ”Bad Boys Here and Now”(2009, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan), “The 6th Gwangju Biennale” (2006, Gwangju).
Published two books titled “Very Flat Vacant Land”(2011, Forum A) and “Message goes Dhaka” (2013, sai comics) after completing a residency program in Cairo in 2010.