Kao Jun-Honn

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Neighbors, Ourselves


In this project of r:ead #3 “Asian City, Nomad People,” I have been thinking what is a “conversation.” Between artists of East Asia, obscure relationships were developed. We have different lives, experiences and backgrounds. But from aspects of geopolitics, geohistory and culture, relationships between East Asians are different from Asians and Europeans, Asians and Indians or even Asians and Southeast Asians.

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Kao, Jun-Honn

1973 Born in Taiwan
2005 Held his solo exhibition: ”The Home Project: Fond Memories Too Far”, Tapei Fine Arts Museum
Recent years, has joined in the resident project at Yau Ma Tei (HK), Manchester
(UK) & Provence(FR)…etc. And Keep long-term attention about topics of East Asia Multitude, The Art Machine ,Survival ,Empire ,Neoliberalism…etc.
2013 Participated in the exhibition of「Are we working too much」
2014 “The Ruin Image Crystal Project” was nominated by Taishin Arts Award.
Publications: The Home Project: Fond Memories Too Far, AAET Archives of Aesthetics of Existence in Taipei
Now studying at Doctoral Program in Art Creation & Theory, Tainan National University of the Arts.