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(简体字) 关于“脱艺术”


(简体字) ▲金 海珠: 这次通过r:ead活动久别重逢,给了我们深思各自在创作环境所遇到的和关心的问题的机会;也让我们各自探索了对现代美术和批判性设计的极限,在不放弃的基础上,思考了如何摸索新方法。但是这个极限,应该不只是在艺术本身内部发生的问题。

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Haeju Kim

Independent curator, writer and editor based in Seoul. She worked as a researcher at the National Theater Company of Korea and as an assistant curator at the Nam June Paik Art Center. She curated Memorial Park (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2013), Theater of Sand (Culture Station 284, Seoul, 2012) and The Whales,Time Diver (National Theater Company of Korea, 2011).

She has contributed articles on fine arts and performance to a number of Korean media and magazines such as Art in Culture, Article, F. She completed the International Curatorial Training Program at the Ecole du Magasin in Grenoble, France (2007) and co-edited with Harald Szeemann Invididual Methodology (2007, JRP / Ringier).

She is an editing board member of Yeongeuk (magazine of National Theater Company) and Art Folder (interdisciplinary art archive of Moonji Cultural Institute).