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Toshiaki Ishikura, born 1974 in Tokyo, is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in art anthropology and comparative mythology. After field researches in Sikkim, Darjeeling hill(India), and Kathmandu valley(Nepal), he conducted comparative studies of the myths of "mountain goddess" around Japan, India, Nepal, and other pacific basin countries. He also studies about bio-cultural context of non-human species and artistic images, such as indigenous artifacts, traditional products, religious relics, and contemporary artworks.

Along with his academic career he is also known as productive partner of distinguished artists like Masakatsu Takagi (visual artist / musician / pianist), Masaru Tatsuki (photographer), Tomoko Konoike (painter), and Masashi Ifuji (woodcraft artist). He has been researcher at the Institute for Art Anthlopology, Tama Art University, from 2006 to 2011. He is now associate professor at Akita University of Art, where he teaches cultural anthropology and cultural roots of north-east Japan(Tohoku) as a teaching staff of “Arts and Roots” course.