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Jisun Kim is attempting to cross the boundaries of the rigid system of society and seeking a kind of “resisting gesture” in its interspaces, and he has experienced the greatest flavour of representative democracy – the election – in two cities, Tokyo and Seoul. This threw up – in regard to the space of virtuality that she has been engaging with so far – the issue of a new platform of democracy. The possibility of a new democracy without communication that Hiroki Azuma describes in “General Will 2.0” generated an important keyword for the second period of stay. The r:ead participants, coming from four different countries, all spoke about the crisis of democracy in their own country. In this context, Azuma’s ideas certainly show a fascinating new potential for politics that goes beyond language and nations. Azuma’s recent tweets reacting to the statement of Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto’s remarks that “the comfort women were necessary” were for a while discussed in Korea as Azuma’s “rash remarks”. What might he think about that? At international events, English is often used as common language, under the premise that communication otherwise is impossible. But during r:ead each participating team could speak in their native language. Instead of being confronted with the barrier of imperfect communication, we gained the scope for an attempt to cross borders. As a result, I think it became possible to read our mutual differences and conduct dialogue. In fact, we had the chance to meet several people, including the translator of “General Will 2.0”, An Joo, and due to their intellectual achievements leave behind our knowledge so far and decipher Japanese society.

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Jinjoo Kim

Born in 1981 and lives in Seoul. Working as artist and also curator. Organizing the artists collective ‘ps’ since 2007. Earned a degree in MFA from Ewha Womans University in 2008.

ps, meaning “post-script” has pursued on transferring “neglected stories and messages” to the public and cultural domain. Approaching the issues of minority and singularity, ps has focused on invisible action and relationship in and out of utterance of improvisational, mobile and intangible senses. Initiated by two artists, ps is solely organized by her in the current stage and concentrates on the operation of various strategies as a social mediator, such as research and archives, participatory workshops, conversational practices and interdisciplinary performances etc. through various projects, Agreement/Promise (2009~), Listening Company (2009~), Economic Love Camp (2012). Currently, she concentrates Working (in)Holiday (working title, 2013~) which is dealing with labor and leisure in production sites of post-capital society with reportage cartoonist Sunghee Kim.

She worked as exhibition coordinator and publication assistant to Condensation: Haegue Yang (Commissioner: Eungie Joo) in Venice Biennale Korean Pavilion in 2009, as coordinator and assistant curator in international projects such as John Bock: Two Handbags in a pickle (2008), Dongducheon: A Walk to Remember, A Walk to Envision (2008) in Insa Art Space from 2006 to 2008 (Curator: Heejin Kim). She curated Sandra Eula Lee: Two Waters (2011), the public program Common Salon (2011), A First Reader: Cartoonist Ko Young Il’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Archive Galaxy (2010), Money 2, the Manhwa (Cartoon)(2011) at art space pool from 2010 to June 2011, and Nest Garden Farm (2011), the artists residency project Pungnyeon Super Camp (2012) in Art and Farming, a branch of Art and Community Network, from 2011 to 2012.