Luo Xiao Ming

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A Historical Parasite: A Story of Kaiwang Temple


In Tainan, one can easily find a temple within a few steps. No matter what deities they have, all those temples are extremely magnificent and splendid, with various modern colorful lights, and are the most vigorous places in a city. I can only find this in Tainan – faiths play such important roles in people’s daily lives, and even in a city.

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Luo, Xiao Ming

2000 Graduated from the department of Chinese Language & Literature, East China Normal University.
2003 Obtained the master of Modern Chinese Literature, East China Normal University
2006 Organized SOUL—Shanghai Young Forum
2007 Received her doctoral of Sociology & Political Science and joined in Program in Cultural Studies(Assistant Research Fellow), Shanghai University.
2011-present Associate Research Fellow of Program in Cultural Studies, Shanghai University.
2012Hosted OUR CITY Forum, and joined Inter-Asia Consortium of IACS Institutions. Her publication:《形式的獨奏:以上海”二期課改”為個案的課程改革研究》